LINENS LIMITED is pleased to offer Scandia exclusively as our source for down products
Scandia values old-world quality and craftsmanship
To honor this tradition, each offering is created with impeccable care and attention to detail.  Pillows and comforters are individually constructed and hand-filled with the finest down in the world.  Thoughtfully engineered with emphasis on sustainability, as many offerings as possible are produced in the United States.  When you purchase Scandia, you are investing in heirloom bedding designed to last a lifetime.

Down is a three-dimensional plume that is warmer, fuller and more resilient than a feather.  It is the best natural insulator available and creates a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.  When deciding upon a down offering, there are a few qualities to consider. 

ORIGIN:  One factor is the origin of the down.  Down from cooler climates is large and resilient, thus it creates more warmth than down from a more temperate locale.  Scandia uses Northern European and Siberian white goose down for their superior insulation abilities.

PURITY:  In order to avoid causing allergies - which are often associated with duck and other inferior down, each plume must be immaculate.  Scandia starts with the finest white goose down in the world.  Then follows a meticulous, 12-step purification process to ensure that it is absolutely pristine.  This proprietary measure results in down that is so refined, it is hypo-allergenic.

FILL POWER:  The final consideration is fill power.  Measured in cubic inches, fill power is the ability of down to regain its original volume - or loft - after being compressed.  The higher the fill power, the warmer and loftier the comforter or pillow.  Known for their supreme loft, Scandia entry-level pillows and comforters have a 600 fill power that puts them in a league all their own.

BESPOKE OFFERINGS:  Scandia is pleased to customize any offering to your every specification.  This includes handcrafted pillows, made-to-fit comforters, luxurious linens and exquisite embroideries.  And because all manufacturing occurs on this continent, your order will arrive at your doorstep in a fraction of the time you would imagine. 

SERVICE FOR A LIFETIME:  Each Scandia down-filled pillow, comforter and foundation is created to last a lifetime.  Their service warranties match the exceptional quality of their work - they cover all defects in craftsmanship right down to the quality of the ticking.  This service is offered to the original owner or gift recipient, ans lasts for as long as you own the item.

PILLOWS:  The last word in comfort, Scandia pillows are utterly sublime.  Created in three densities to accommodate individual sleeping positions, they are hand-tailored and meticulously detailed.  Each pillow is stitched sixteen times an inch - far beyond what is considered standard.  Edges are piped and double-stitched to ensure their integrity.  Crafted in the United States from the finest imported materials, each pillow is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime.

COMFORTERS:  Esteemed the world over, Scandia comforters are simply magnificent.  Designed in three weights to suit individual temperature preferences, each comforter is generously sized and supported by extraordinary engineering.  Baffle-box construction alleviates cold spots by keeping down from dispersing.  Hand-filled and crafted in the United States from the finest imported materials, each comforter is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. 


  Down Featherbed:  This all-season down featherbed creates a soft and beautifully cushioned sleeping surface.  European white goose down is expertly selected and wrapped in soft cotton cambric ticking for a lofty and luxurious night's sleep.  Consider it sleeping on a cloud.

Pillowtop Featherbed:  This splendid foundation designed to offer more support.  Filled with Hungarian white goose down, a soft pillowtop is supported by a 3 inch feather-and-down foundation.  Baffle-box engineering keeps the featherbed fluffed and light as air. 

Down Filled Mattress Pads: This quilted-top pad is filled with 600 European white goose down for an extraodinarily luxurious sleep foundation.  Generously proportioned, it covers ultra-deep mattresses in luxury.

Cotton Mattress Pad:  Finished in 285 thread-count cotton, this finely quilted pad protects your mattress and provides a soft layer of cushion.  Gererously proportioned, it covers even ultra-deep mattresses in luxury.

Merino Wool Mattress Pad:  Engineered in Austria, the merino wool mattress pad provides the ultimate protection while adding a layer of warmth and cushion.  Backed by soft cotton jersey, this plush pad is reversible.  Generously proportioned, it covers even ultra-deep
mattresses in luxury.

DECORATIVE PILLOWS:  Scandia is the destination for decorative pillows of all sizes.  Choose from rectangles, bolsters and an array of squares.  Each pillow is double-stitched for durability and cased in 245 thread-count cotton twill ticking.  A variety of fills - from 600 fill power Hungarian white goose down to a firm and resilient feather/down blend - creates a world of options.


Scandia offers sheeting in several collections, Classic Cotton Percale, Classic Cotton Sateen in Solid or Stripe, Classic Natural Percale, Classic Cotton Percale Embroidery in Basket Weave, Scroll, Fern, & Garden Scroll, Woven Jacquard in Paisley, Scroll & Fern.
In a class all to itself, is St. Petersburg Top of Bed Collection.  Woven and finished in Germany of 47% Silk & 53% Cotton, 440 thread count exclusively for Scandia.

Quilted Sateen Coverlet and shams are woven and finished in Portugal.  Design to accompany Scandia's sheeting collections, this beautifully layers with most everything in the linen closet.  Also available are Matelasse Coverlet & Sham, and Jacquard Duvet Covers and Shams.