Sheets and pillowcases are normally made of linen, cotton, or a cotton-poly blend.  The two varieties of cotton most frequently used are Pima and the strongest cotton, long stem Egyptian.  Sferra offers GIZA, this is the finest cotton in the world.  Usually available only for the finest men's shirts, this bedding made with GIZA 45 cotton is the softest, smoothest and most luxurious that you will ever find.  From the longest staple cotton grown in the fertile valley of the river Nile to the master craftsmen in Italy who have woven it to its stunningly smooth finish. 

Much has been made over the years of thread count, or number of threads per square inch. Thread count is only one part of knowing fine linens, how they are woven and finished...percale, sateen, jacquard come into play here as well.  Most importantly, how they feel to you should guide your purchases.  When thinking of Sferra's GIZA, this cotton defies thread count.

Most sheeting is now cut fuller to accommodate new thicker mattresses,
but we can customize sheeting to any size to meet your needs.

DEA bed linens are imported direct from Italy of the finest egyptian cotton fabric. DEA offers some of the finest embroidered bedding available, with beautiful color combinations, monochromatic color-schemes, or you may custom-color their designs to suit your decor.

Many options are available in blankets: cotton, wool, camel, cashmere, and mohair.  The most popular blanket with our customers is St. Moritz by Sferra.  St Moritz is comfort defined, a plush velvety blanket woven from long-staple 100% combed cotton that has been brushed for softness and warmth.  Snuggle up beneath its downy nap, and feel the cares of the day dissolve.